The original restaurant (Photo taken in mid 60's)

Born from a dream of E. Arnold Smith, a retiring working at the Canadian National Railroads and his wife Vera, Sleepy Hollow Beach opened to the public in 1959.  Arnold Smith bought the McGee farm in Noyan, a small community in South Western Quebec, on the border off Vermont State. Slowly,  with the help of his youngest child, Robert (Bob) he cleared a large shoreline and started a camping and picnic field.  He had a boat and a motor that he occasionally rented, built a small restaurant, with summer living quarters in the back, a few cabins and Sleepy Hollow was born.

Edward Arnold Smith

Vera Smith

By the mid 60's, the place had grown to impressive proportions.  Arnold and his wife took over the restaurant from Bob and his wife Joyce Hislop, a Noyan girl.  The couple raised a fine family of two boys, Randy & Daniel and three girls, Karen, Judy and Sandra. 

Joyce & Bob Smith

Bob took things in hand outside.  By this time, there were over 80 boats for rental, more than a dozen motors, bait, several cabins, a beautiful campground.  Bob took over the entire business in 1971.  He acquired a piece of land adjacent to the camping ground, built new toilets, a new restaurant and upgraded the electrical system of the business. Many lots were sold on the former farm and many new residents arrived into Noyan.


Bob doing what he enjoyed the most after his the love of his family.... fishing and hunting

Danny & Randy Smith

 In 1989, after suffering some health problems, Bob signed the business over to sons Randy and Daniel who continued the good work that their father and grandfather had done before them, continuing to serve a long time clientele, new customers etc... The brothers married Cindy (Randy) and Wendy (Danny) Taylor.  

Cindy Taylor

Wendy Taylor

The girls took things over in the restaurant, continuing in the tradition of serving wholesome and tasty food in a very clean and friendly environment.  Randy and Cindy are the parents of Ryan;  Danny and Wendy are the parents of Alex and Jack.  The younger boys are slowly getting interested in the business, helping their parents and like their father, grandfather and great-grandfather getting interested in fishing and hunting and will perhaps take over the business themselves one day and continue the tradition, built from Arnold and Vera's dream and Bob and Joyce's and their parent's hard work.

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