The Canada Goose

The shores of the Richelieu River, surrounded by large fields of corn, wheat, oats and buckwheat, have been for decades, known as a paradise for duck and goose hunters of the area.

The Black Duck

We have been hunting these migratory birds, having been initiated by our father, it is now our turn to initiate our sons.

The Mallard

Every year, as the end of the summer nears, many of our customers and long time hunters, start building their blinds in order to be ready for the hunt.  Then, the night before opening day, they start arriving, with their equipment.  A lot of stories are told, a lot of coffee is drunk, lots of laughs, lots a friendship.  We laugh, we play cards and we look at our watches, every once in while, someone walks outside to see, where the wind is coming from.  Then, just before daybreak, we all head out to our blinds, where some of us will take our limits and others will need to wait for the night shoot.

The Wood Duck

Later on in the season, when the mornings are crisp and cold, we sea vast raft of scaups, scoters and golden eyes flying bye, and once in a while, pitch into the decoys.  It's an experience that all serious duck hunters never forget once they have witnessed it.

The Lesser Scaup

The Common Scoter

In a few words, hunting is very good in our little corner of the country.  All one needs it to be at the right spot at the right time.  Come in and have a chat.

The Snow Goose

Hunting permits are available on the premises