Fishing is excellent here, with occasional very impressive catches.  Situated on the shores of the mouth of Richelieu River, at the very end of Lake Champlain, our camping ground tends to numerous fishermen.  Fish species found here are surprising and at time almost unique in Quebec.

Smallmouth Bass

A few days after ice-out and when it gets a bit warmer at night, it's the traditional mud pout fishing that attracts numerous fishermen to our outfit.  In early spring, after opening day, a few nice walleyes are caught just in the river, a few yards from our restaurant.  

Joyce with a nice walleye

Many fishermen, looking for continuous action and delicious meals, that only panfish can give, will readily catch yellow perch, sunfish, rockbass, and black crappies.  The species are readily available from the ice-out until the ice sets, late in Fall.

Fishermen looking a bit more action will love Bass fishing here, for both Smallmouth and Largemouth species.  Some gorgeous fish are landed each year.

Smallmouth Bass

Some impressive Northern Pike are caught here all summer long.  Fishing near the weed beds on the edge of the channel, can bring some wicked action.

Northern Pike

There's an abundance of Beaverfish (Bowfin), a very popular specie for it's strenght and fighting capabilities.  Many specimens of more than 4 kilos are caught here, every year.


In the summer, many of our customers go after the formidable Silver Bass (Fresh water Drum).

Freshwater Drum, also known as Silver Bass

Excellent catches in both size and number is usually the norm here.  Sleepy Hollow has been known for years as Outfitters who look after their customers et who directs them toward the best spots.

Smallmouth Bass

We have good boats, motors that run well, we have bait, worms, minnows, crawfish and a good selection of artificial lures, and various fishing tackle, for all your needs.  For those who have their own boat, we have a boat launch available for a modest fee.  Please take a look at our price list (Press the Prices Icon below) to see what you are looking for.  Don't hesitate to contact us for reservations.  We will be happy to greet you.

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Fishing Permits are available on the premises.